Reserve A Mooring

As Plymouth Harbor has been welcoming guests for 400 years, it is Plymouth Yacht Club’s pleasure to invite you to stay with us.  In conjunction with the rules and regulations of the harbor, we are able to assist in booking a mooring reservation in advance. The mooring fee of $65.00/per night fee includes the use of Club facilities (Upper Deck Lounge, Showers, Laundry and Launch Service).  

Mooring Request In Advance

Reserve in Advance: To reserve a mooring on line visit
Reservation Policy:  There is a seven (7) night maximum. Prepayment in full is required. Visa and Master Card accepted; 24 – 48 hours is required to process your mooring reservation request. 
Blackout Dates: Moorings are not available on  July 2, 3, 4 & 5.
Mooring Rates: The mooring rental fee is $65/per night for all yachts (up to 45 feet)
Cancellation Policy:    Within Seven (7) days of Arrival:                   Full Refund
                                              Within Six (6) to Four (4) days of Arrival:  50% Refund
                                              Within Three (3) day or less of Arrival:       No Refund
Note that a date change is considered a cancellation and, therefore, subject to the cancellation policy. 
Arrival Procedure & Check-Out Time:  Please do not call ahead while you are still out at sea, at Gurnet Point, or at the end of Long Beach. Once at the Inner Harbor Breakwater, please call Plymouth Yacht Club on Channel 8 VHF radio during launch hours for help locating your mooring. Check-in time is 2:00 p.m. and check-out time is 11:00 a.m. unless alternate arrangements have been made.

If You Have Not Made A Mooring Reservation
If you have not made a reservation in advance, a mooring will be offered to you on an “as available” basis.  Follow the Channel to the Inner Harbor Breakwater and hail the Plymouth Yacht Club on VHF Ch. 8 or call 508-747-0473 to request a mooring. Please do not call ahead while you are still out at sea, Gurnet Point, or the end of Long Beach as mooring availability can not be guaranteed until you arrive in the inner harbor.

The Plymouth Harbor is a no discharge area.
Please call the Plymouth Harbor Master for more information.
Plymouth Harbor Master: 508-830-4182
Sea Tow: 781-834-5242