Plymouth Yacht Club is one of America's first yacht clubs; founded back in 1890.  Located in historic Plymouth, MA, I guess you could say that the Mayflower was one our club's first guests!  Since that time, many have enjoyed this sheltered harbor, which, in 1620, became America's first permanent, "non-crown endorsed" English settlement.          

The Plymouth Yacht Club Function Room
The Best View Of Cape Cod Bay!

The Plymouth Yacht Club Function Room offers what is arguably the best view of Cape Cod Bay available.  The facility has a balcony deck with breathtaking views of Plymouth Harbor and beyond. Depending on the layout, the room seats approximately 140 guests.  In season, it features an outdoor bar along with ample space for a dance floor and band.

Plymouth Bay Catering is Plymouth Yacht Club exclusive caterer.  You can contact them by phone 781-585-5899 or 800-585-5827 or check out their website at

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